Marine Boat Surface Protection & Maintenance Kit


Marine Surface Protection & Maintenance Kit has everything you need to protect your boat from sun and inclement weather.


Your Boats Best Defense against Salt, Sun & Inclement Weather.

Surface Protection & Maintenance Kit

Protect gel coat, glass, plastic, aluminum, stainless and more with Titan Armor Marine Products.
Keep stuff from sticking, making cleaning easier.

  • Lifetime Guarantee: Titan Armor Ceramic Coating: Protect Vessel Surface with an Ultra Hard Super Hydrophobic Marine Formula coating.
  • Titan Armor Corrector: The simple solution to correct mistakes when applying the Titan Armor Coating.
  • Titan Armor Intensifier Ceramic Coating: A year or more of protection on it’s own.
  • Titan Armor Clean-N-Coat: When in a rush, Clean-N-Coat
  • will clean and protect surfaces with our ultimate Ceramic Infused Protectant.

The best of Titan Armor products combined at a great price.

KIT Includes:
60ml of TITAN ARMOR Ceramic Coating
60ml of TA Corrector solution
120ml of TA Intensifier coating
16oz CLEAN-N-COAT maintenance solution
4 TA application cloths
2 poly gloves
2 microfiber towels

Item # 100760m


TITAN ARMOR – Ceramic Coating Lifetime Guarantee: 
Dvelup International guarantees Titan Armor Marine Ceramic Coating will continue to protect for the lifetime of your vessel. If your gel coat stops beading after a soap wash, you will receive a new bottle free. No question asked. Just email a photo of the original receipt, the post-application beading surface, and the same failed surface. The guarantee is non-transferable. Shipping and Handling not included. To claim, please email required info to