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We are a leading manufacturer of seaworthy products, we offer marine odor control, ceramic sealant, Intensifier Ceramic Coating and more!

Flagship Sea Product


Hunting down and devouring odors like a feeding frenzy.

Odor-Shark-Marine- Odor-Eliminator-DIY-foam-kit

Vapor Formula

Eliminates unpleasant smells like fish, mildew, bacteria, and smoke in confined spaces.

  Targets the source of the odor to ensure long-lasting freshness.
   Hypo Allergenic and free from fragrance.
  Say goodbye to mildew-induced odors.

Easy Application: 1. Combine part A and part B in the tray, then add in the foam diffusers for optimal results. Simply let them work their magic while you go about your day.

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Spray Formula - 16oz, 32oz or Gallon
Direct Spray on Odor Source
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Vapor Formula - 32 Kit
Closed Space Odor Vapor Treatment
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Odorshark-total-boat-odor eliminator-kit-

Total Boat Deodorizing Kit
Spray & Vapor Formula Combo
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Flagship Sea Product


Your Boats Best Defense against Salt, Sun & Weather


Surface Protection & Maintenance Kit

Multi-Surface Ceramic Coating Protection: Protects Surfaces with a Ultra Hard, Super Hydrophobic Marine Formula

Protects gelcoat, glass, plastic, aluminum, stainless and more.

O   Formulated for harsh marine conditions
 Makes cleaning much easier
 Guards against corrosion from salt, bugs, sun, acid rain and more

Simple Application: 1. Wipe on 2. Wipe off 2. Allow to cure

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titan-armor-boat surface-protection-

60ml Ceramic Coating
Ultra Protection for Marine Environments
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Titan-Armor-Gel Coat-Intensifier-Marine-4oz

120ml Intensifier Ceramic Coating
2nd Defense For Marine Environments
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Clean-N-Coat - 16oz or 32oz
Ceramic Coating Infused Polish
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